Could You Move To Auckland New Zealand and Escape Covid-19

The pandemic that is COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) has changed the world and totally changed how we interact. The COVID-19 disease is an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus; it is commonly transmitted through droplets caused by an infected person directly through sneezing, coughing or exhaling. A person may be infected by inhaling these droplets that linger in the air or by touching contaminated surfaces and then touching their mouth, eyes or nose. At time of writing, there have been over 148 million cases in the world with countries such as America, India, Brazil, France and United Kingdom being the hardest hit whilst New Zealand remains to be the envy of the world with how their government have handled the pandemic.

Whilst New Zealanders continue living and go about their daily lives like the pandemic never occurred, the people from United States of America and UK are still battling with lockdowns and restrictions filled with frustration. Considering how well New Zealand has approached the pandemic and protected its citizens, we’re all thinking whether or not we could enlist in the services of Auckland movers to relocate to New Zealand’s biggest city to escape COVID-19.

The truth is that entry to New Zealand from all countries remains strictly controlled to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 unless you are in a quarantine-free travel zone. This currently means that only people arriving from Australia, Cook Islands or Niue are permitted to enter.  Unless you satisfy a list of critical purpose reasons to travel, which include temporary work visa holders who are outside New Zealand but have lived in the country for a period of time before departing, family or partners of permanent residents, critical health workers, people traveling for humanitarian reasons or students who have been nominated by their education provider.

There is no doubt that New Zealand has won many over with how they’ve dealt with the coronavirus and eliminated the virus within their borders, it is not to be underestimated why many people are considering to relocate. For many abroad, moving to Auckland may not be possible right now with strict border controls and measures but I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an influx to emigrate in the future.

How to avoid car transporting traps

The car transporting and logistics industry is a billion dollar industry in Australia and technology as evolved at an ever increasing rate that the internet has made it extremely easy for many vehicle transporters to take advantage of the industry. As in any industry, there will be a minority who have unethical practices and are in the industry for the wrong reason and give the rest who do the right thing a bad name. Removalists and those in the car transportation industry are well known to abuse the system with the ACCC confirming an increase in customer complaints that range from damaged items to excessive fees and charges.  Before choosing who to give your business to, take the time to find out how you can avoid car transporting traps.

Research the auto transport market

Avoid paying too much when it comes to relocating your car interstate by simply comparing car transporters. Comparing online is by far the easiest and most convenient way to get an idea of what it costs to for car carrying services. You can obtain obligation free quotes from many car transport companies and by comparing the services of each company, you are able to gather a better understanding of what is involved and the market price expectations for your job.

Read online reviews of car transporting companies

One of the most common mistakes most consumers make is being convinced by the car transport company after their sales pitch.  There are some auto businesses out there that promise the world and put on a façade and that all changes when they have your deposit.  Before deciding which car carrier to go with, have a look online and do a google search on compare vehicle transporters, a reputable company would have a strong online presence with great reviews.

Perform your own comprehensive inspection

Your car may be your second most valuable asset so you would want it to arrive in the same condition as it was sent.  There are many stories of car transporters not taking ownership when the vehicle being moved has been damaged during transit. Be sure to perform your own comprehensive vehicle inspection by taking it to a certified mechanic.  Wash your car thoroughly and take lots of photos at different angles, take note of the existing damages and scratches and mark them down on a car template report. Get the car carrier to go over your report and sign it off once they have completed their inspection.

What is personal development and why is it important?

Talking about personal development is not easy. It’s not an easy task nor is easy to get results you always want to achieve.
Personal Development is the following the goal of personal advancement by enlarging self-awareness knowledge and enhancing personal abilities.

Those abilities include your degree of success in addition to your thoughts, your body, your spirit in every area of life that may be defined by you. That means achieving real well-being in your life and living knowingly at your full potential.

I really believe that without handling these, private advancement isn’t possible or at least not whole and that in the process of personal advancement there are special landmarks to reach.

As a supervisor, you understand the value of ensuring your team members have career development strategies that contain both short- and long-term targets.

Michael J. Emery is one of the personal development coach we suggest you to contact. He specializes in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Ericksonian Hypnosis as well as executive coaching and business coaching for entrepreneurs.

There’s the fundamental motivation to enhance yourself

It comes from inspiration especially if you’re looking to get better than you are, or it comes out of despair: something disagreeable challenges you to grow. Today for example, what brought you here?

Among the first things you need is something I ‘d sum up as recognition. Stop rationalizing things you’re not genuinely happy about and tell the truth about yourself. That may also mean you must examine places of your life where it actually can be distressing to accept the status quo. If you link to the truth you’ve placed the foundation that was most significant actually to grow. You’ve got to understand where you stand. From there it is possible to move forward.

You will be elevated to a life of complete liberty with accurate direction and will be removed from an existence of merely living. No longer should it be just a dream, your response is here through the “Moving Forward Private Development program”.

Work associated private development encompasses a broad variety of training alternatives. Your business abilities can better, obtain higher professional qualifications and develop personal abilities to fast track your career performance.

Creating your personal development strategy is an excellent way to stay motivated on the job

You’ll get heavier lifestyle gratification from your career, be rewarded for your advancement and feel a greater sense of accomplishment. Let’s take a closer look at available alternatives for private development that is livelihood oriented.

For career-minded individuals, private life and work life are intertwined. Or maybe you spend your weekends attending work-related training but love socializing with co-workers on Friday days. It’s this merging of lifestyle and work actions which make it crucial that you seek livelihood satisfaction through private development.

Success is generated by private development as an important part of your vocation strategy. It adds to day-to-day wellbeing, your fiscal well-being, and total well-being.

We highly recommend you to visit Emery’s website if you want to learn more about this topic and we are sure you won’t regret it.

How do coworking spaces work?

As technology advances businesses and employees find themselves in a position where the traditional office arrangement no longer seems relevant. The world has seen coworking spaces take on this new challenge on by providing a flexible alternative to the traditional overhead of having a single office dedicated to one business.

A coworking space provides a fully functioning office, fully fit out and ready to go with all facilities a business needs to operate, including but not limited to internet, security, desks, chairs, boardrooms and meeting rooms. Often setting up a new office is too much of an overhead for new businesses and freelancers. Coworking offers that ability to leverage the resources of a much larger office, allowing small businesses to look and feel the part and while they grow into a completely self-sustaining business.

Benefits of a coworking space


Leverage the facilities of a much larger office. Coworking spaces generally come with various sized meeting rooms, boardrooms, private offices and event spaces allowing new businesses and freelancers to use space that ordinarily they wouldn’t be able to afford.


aeonaAll startup business and freelancers know what it feels like to be stuck at home or at a café by yourself working 12+ hours a day. It’s depressing! A coworking space allows business owners and freelancers to surround themselves by like minded individuals in similar circumstances to themselves. The results are usually higher motivation, networking, collaboration and better overall performance.

One of the things people don’t know about coworking spaces is that most of them offer games and recreational activities like soccer tournaments, Play Station challenges, especially Fifa, NBA and Steep game. This is probably one of the many reasons to join those new concepts of office ?


What could be better for a business than being surrounded by businesses that need services themselves or know people that need services? Coworking spaces immediately expand a business owner’s network to hundreds of potential referrals and partners.

Focus and Performance

Being separated into a purpose built office allows freelancers and business owners to rid themselves of the distractions that usually come with working from home or at a café. Separating work life from business life is important to maintain long term focus and motivation that generally begins to lack when working from home.


Lets face it, meeting clients at home or in a café might be convenient, but if you are trying to sell yourself or your business as an industry leader it might not be the best option. Coworking spaces come with facilities that allow you to maintain a professional appearance and impress clients on a daily basis.

While coworking spaces are a generally new concept, the world has seen them sprout up in every major city challenging the status quo long attached to the burden of operating a business. If you haven’t had a chance to give one a go, we highly recommend getting involved and taking advantages of all of the benefits coworking has to offer.

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